De eigenaresse van Zorg na de Kraamzorg is Maartje Crone

Maartje Crone

I’m Maartje and I’m 47.
I met Paul in 1990.
What can I say? It was love at first sight!
In 1993, I completed my course on Educational and Social Assistance (Sociaal Pedagogische Hulpverlening) and Paul and I moved to the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam.

I started to work in one of the baby groups at a local nursery.
I have loved babies for as long as I can remember.
First, just instinctively. But now, after completing my study and with 10 years’ work experience in the baby group under my belt, my love of babies has grown even more.
I have seen just how unique every little baby’s development is and learned how to listen to them, comfort them and slowly get them used to a certain routine. I have also discovered just how intense and sometimes also how complex, the relationship between a baby and its parents can be.
And, of course, I have also learned how to take care of, swaddle, rock, and soothe babies.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of advising many, many parents and also of comforting, observing and cherishing them and their offspring.


As I mentioned above, I’m a mother myself – I have two daughters: Roos (1998) and Sarah (2000) – so I’m very aware of what pregnancy involves.
Breastfeeding, insecurities, outbursts of crying (from happiness and/or sadness), sleepless nights and, above all else, feeling totally at odds with the world. As an experienced mother, I felt that the time had come to broaden my professional horizons.

I spent five years working as an educational assistant at a hospital. I worked with children and parents on the children’s ward there.
I came up with activities, prepared people for operations and put together plans to help parents overcome their babies’ problems with crying, sleeping and feeding. I could often be found in the Neonatal Care Department too. It was an intense and special time.

In 2006, I was given the opportunity to start a baby/children’s clothing store
(another achievement to tick off my list of things to do).
It was a success. I worked hard, but learned a lot and had fun too. I was pleased with the success of the store and also very happy to be a listening ear and someone who was on hand to advise new parents, as well as grandfathers, grandmothers, family, friends and colleagues.

And now the time has come to consolidate all of my experience and launch
I (still) have an INCREDIBLE love of babies. My experience, patience and calm approach will all help you maintain a good level of care AFTER your initial maternity care has come to an end.
Rely on me to help you get through those “What do I do now?” times, which are bound to happen when your maternity assistant has gone.

Foto van Maartje Crone met Roos Crone

Baby Roos

Foto van Maartje Crone met Sara Crone

Baby Saar

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